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A message from Charles Gillis 09/12/2017

Brothers, we’ve had a good run but Marv and I both have to hang up our hats as the leaders of 100 Men Who Give a Damn Dallas. You’ve noticed a slip in our attendance lately. Unfortunately neither Marv nor I have the time needed to drum up the support necessary to get us back where we belong. We think the concept and our charitable partners deserve a lot of support and we don’t want to diminish our progress by delivering half of what the mission needs.

It’s time to wind down. We couldn’t have come this far without you, so from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

We want to thank you all for volunteering and spending your time and your money on such great local causes. You adjusted your schedules, you drove all the way to Richardson in rush hour, and you made a big difference. And I recall, some of you drank a few beers along the way… 100 Men Who Give a Damn Dallas was a success in many ways. Together we helped bring a lot of joy to non-profits in North Texas. We saw firsthand what a group of guys who give a damn can accomplish. In addition to helping causes like pediatric cancer research and veteran groups, we also made new friends.

The great thing is you don’t have to stop giving a damn. There are now four area 100 Men Who Give a Damn Chapters in the Metroplex now. The new East Dallas chapter is starting soon and will have their first meeting in October. Please check these guys out.

100 Men Ft. Worth :
100 Men Frisco :
100 Men East Dallas:
100 Vets Who Give a Damn:

We’ve had a lot of fun and made some great friends on this journey. Please go forward and keep giving a damn.

Best damn regards,

Charles & Marv

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